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Mone Farms and Training Center | Snohomish,WA | Summer Day Camp

An excellent way to educate yourself and your children in horse riding and care is to attend our summer day camp in Snohomish, WA. Mone Farms and Training Center will host sessions of responsible horse care, grooming, saddling, and ground work that will prepare you and your kids for equine interactions. All activities are tailored to teach visitors the fun and enjoyment of entering the wonderful world of horses. Sign up and your kid can learn something special while making new friends!

At our summer day horse camp, proper care and handling of our equine friends is the name of the game. Lessons about basic maintenance that involve feeding and cleaning are brought to the forefront. We conduct grooming through brushing, bathing, and clipping for the horse's benefit. There are also lessons in the proper fitting and maintenance of saddles in order to prepare for a comfortable ride. Of course, there is more to our summer day camps than that.

There is a lot of fun and activity to be had as well! The equestrian riding camp also includes long and short trail rides as they are available. This will allow visitors to ride horses with a group and enjoy a scenic trek through nature. You will also be treated to a mini-horse show that is full of fun games and exciting surprises!

More experienced riders may also find activity at our equine horseback riding camp. This is your chance to hone your abilities and refine your riding skills just in time for the Evergreen State Fair. A breadth of activities that include lessons in jumping, breaking horses to ride, bareback riding, and more are here for you to take advantage of. Our camp is designed to cater to riders of all ages and levels of experience. If you love horses and have an interest in riding, then this is an event that you cannot miss!

Are you ready for camp? Call Mone Farms and Training Center in Snohomish, WA, and schedule a camping session. Please be sure to reserve your place in advance!

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