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For the prospective rider who dreams of straddling a horse and trotting through the fields, Mone Farms and Training Center provides knowledgeable horseback riding lessons in Snohomish, WA. Children and adults are welcome to participate in our instruction sets that provide insightful guidance for beginning, intermediate, and advanced students alike. We offer a variety of lesson packages for private, semi-private, and group configurations and beautiful horses for riders to train with.

Riding on the back of a majestic steed is one of the one of the most enjoyable pastimes that you could ever experience. However, the act requires balance, coordination, and team work between you and the horse. The movies make it look really simple, but it takes a lot more effort than they often portray. Fortunately, we have a horse back riding instructor with years of experience and enthusiasm for guiding riders who wish to hit the trails with their equine companion.

Every facet of our horse back riding learning program helps to improve both your mental and physical prowess on the back of a horse. We will work closely with you as we thoroughly prepare you to be a competent rider who respects both the sport and the animals that you will work with. There are no shortcuts to becoming an adept rider, but our instructors will work meticulously to educate you on the ins and outs of proper riding techniques and horse care.

Our family owned and operated business has been in operation for well over 20 years, and we can proudly say that our students are some of the finest riders that you will ever see. We have a storied and accomplished past when it comes to connecting new riders with their horses, and we would like to share the joys of this wonderful activity with you. You will not be disappointed with the fun and spiritual bond that you are sure to form.

If you are interested in horse back riding training in Snohomish, WA, then you have already found the most dedicated instructors available. Contact Mone Farms and Training Center to start your first lesson.

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